Friday, February 28, 2014

Hi everyone!  WOW, so much happening in the digi world and you MUST check this out!!!  Look what we have from JILBERT'S BITS OF BYTES over at Digital Scrapbooking Studio.  Now no one is more afraid of Actions than me----but I just switched over to PSE 11 and, I tell you, it couldn't be easier.  So I got my toes wet with this fantastic new Action by Jill.  It's called PAPER FLOWERS ACTION and she has it for PSE and PSCS. 
Check them out here:
PSE Version

and PSCS Version

And you can see the flowers I created in this layout.  What fun to make them!!!  I used Jill's BOHEMIAN FALL COLLECTION which you can find here:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ahhh, I'm in heaven!!!!  THE URBAN FAIRY has  just introduced another fantastic kit called JUST A LITTLE WONDERFUL.  Don't you just love the titles she gives her kits?  A bit mysterious and makes you want to open it up and see what goodies are in  there?
Here's a picture of the kit and a link to where you can check it out.  Remember she always has extra goodies that you can buy separately or just purchase the whole collection---which is usually your best money saver!!

JUST A LITTLE WONDERFUL by The Urban Fairy at Digital Scrapbooking Studio

And here's the COLLECTION at a wopping 70% off!!
and a couple layouts I did ----

Have a terrific day and God bless!!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Well, I am bound and determined to keep this blog going----even though I haven't posted since last August!!  So let's see.  What has been happening in my digi scrapbooking life?
I am CTing for four---yes FOUR great designers, who are:
Min aka CARIN GROBE DESIGNS and my most recent--
Danielle aka THE URBAN FAIRY.
Do I have a favorite?  Of course not!!!  Each one has her own distinct method of designing and I love them ALL!!!
Oh, I'm not finished yet!!!  I also CT for the most friendliest digi site around!! And that is DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING STUDIO!!!! 
Now you can find this site and those four awesome designers right here at this link:
Want to check out my designers stores?  Of course you can!  They are right here:
But I'm warning you-----hang on to those purse strings---cause after visiting my four great designers, you are going to want to SHOP TILL YOU DROP!!!!!

So what have I been doing to keep  myself busy?  Well here are four of my layouts; using kits from each of my designers:
SNICKERDOODLE DESIGNS: Now she has a new kit out called FOREVER FRIENDS, and is this beauty ever loaded!
Check the kit out here:
And here's a layout I did:
JILBERT"S BITS OF BYTES just introduced a sweet Valentine kit called KISS ME.  What I like is that the kit is very versatile and can go in many directions.
Check her kit out here:
And here's a layout I did with Jill's KISS ME:
Now on to CARIN GROBE DESIGNS and in our social media world today, who doesn't need a kit to scrap all those "texting" photos you snapped.
Check out SOCIAL SCRAPS here:
And, of course, I had to scrap a photo of my daughter texting----which she does 27 hours a day!
And last, my newest designer, THE URBAN FAIRY.  Now if you love Art Journaling then check this gal out!!!  But she does, what I call, regular kits too!!!  Her latest is called JUST A LITTLE WONDERFUL and you can see it here:
And here's my layout with this great kit:
So there you have it.  I am up to date with my news and my life---oh except one important bit of news.  I have moved back to Michigan (COLD MICHIGAN) after 3 1/2 years in South Carolina.  So good to be home!!!!
Cheers and God bless!!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

So excited!  We have a new designer at Digital Scrapbooking Studio and her first kit is FABULOUS!!  I love to do regular layout and I also love to do Art Journaling and this collection give you both!!!  Oh, her name---right!!  Her name is Jill and she goes by JILBERTS BITS OF BYTES, and I am so happy to welcome her to DSS!!!  Now, she isn't exactly new---she has been with us on the CU side and her CU stuff is AWESOME, but I'm so glad she is now doing kits too!!!!
Here's her kit:  This is the collection but of course, you can also purchase everything separately.
Here's the link to her store:

Friday, July 26, 2013

WOW WOW WOW!!!  Check out this fantastic deal by SNICKERDOODLE DESIGNS over at Digital Scrapbooking Studio!!!  FIVE---count them---FIVE items for $5.00!!!  That's $1.00 per item!  And you get four kits and a solid paper pack to match two of the kits.

That comes to a wopping 59% off!!!  Check it out!!!

Hay there!  Three months is too long to stay away so its time I checked in and said hello.

A lot has been happening in my digi scrapbooking life and its all good!!!!  I was so honored to have been asked to join the CT team over at Digital Scrapbooking Studio   .   Let me tell you, they are ALL fantastic designers over there and I am so thrilled to be able to work with their wonderful kits!

I am still with my dear friend and designer SNICKERDOODLE DESIGNS over at Digital Scrapbooking Studio and LOVE LOVE LOVE working with her kits!  Her newest one, CHALK IT UP that she created along with KIMBERKATT SCRAPS is just toooooo cute!!

And-----I have just been asked to join the CT team of CARIN GROBE DESIGNS and am absolutely thrilled!!!  She has a great store also at Digital Scrapbooking Studio with lots of delightful kits to play with---and I get to play!!!

SO----busy busy busy!!!  But lovin' every minute of it!  Ok, off to create some layouts.  Catch you later!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hay everyone!  Its Bonus Wednesday over at Snickerdoodle Designs store!  And that means two great kits on sale WITH two bonuses with each kit you buy!
The two kits for this weeks Bonus Wednesday are LEAVING ROOM and FLOWER CREEK LANE.
Just go to Snickerdoodle Design's store and put either title in the search area.  So buy FLOWER CREEK LANE or LEAVING ROOM and receive the CLUSTER and QUICK PAGES as a BONUS!
Check out her store here!